Termite Control – The Termpest Way

Non Nonsense, Common Sense

The Termpest Way

Active or Inactive

The Termpest way is to determine the exact type of termite infestation you may have and determine if the termites are active.  Countless unnecessary termite treatments are sold to customers that have inactive termite infestations. If no live termites are found, then treatment may not be needed.

We begin with a thorough inspection to determine what kind of termite species are infesting your property.  There have been many instances of homeowners, contractors and some inexperienced termite inspectors misidentifying the type of termite infestation and then prescribing the wrong treatment.

Not All Termites are the SameDifferent Treatments for Different Termite Species

If we believe you have an active infestation, we will prescribe the proper treatment methods which will solve your particular termite problem – guaranteed!

  • Tenting a home for drywood termites will not stop an infestation of subterranean termites.
  • Treating the ground for subterranean termites will not eliminate a drywood termite infestation.
  • Monitoring systems work best many times, if the right kind of bait is used (THERE ARE WRONG KINDS OF BAITS). This will cause the termite colony to be eliminated.

Doesn’t it make common sense to use a treatment method which will eliminate a termite colony instead of just keeping them away?

Misidentifying the type of termite infestation is more common than you think because new species of termites have recently been found in south Florida that must be identified under magnification to determine the proper treatment.  It is advisable to get more than one opinion.