The “Once a Year Pest Control” Scam

What is the “Once a Year Pest Control” Scam?

Unscrupulous companies will charge a very high rate for “once-a-year” bug treatment and invite you to call  back at no charge if you “have a problem”.  In reality, they apply the same amount of chemical as a month to month service.

—— The law requires chemicals to be applied at a very diluted rate.

—— Most of these products remain effective for 30 days or less, when applied outdoors. (based on scientific studies).

Here’s How the Scam Works:

After paying the higher rate for once-a-year treatment, Customer #1 sees a bug and calls for extra service immediately.  Customer #2 sees a bug or two but never calls for extra service figuring that – at least the situation is a lot better than it was before treatment.

Companies know that very few customers on these plans call for extra service.  This means  they stay way ahead of the game since they charged so many customers the high priced “once a year” plan.  Watch out for the “Once a Year Pest Control” Scam!

The Smart Thing to do is to Order One-time Service.

With One-time Service you will get the same treatment as a once-a-year treatment, but it will cost you much less.  Then, if you need extra service, just pay as you go. Doesn’t this make COMMON SENSE?