Spot Treatments

The Two Proven “Spot Treatment” Methods

Method #1 – Drill and Treat

The drill and treat method may be used if the termite colony infestation is visible, such as in a door, door frame or baseboard and and there are no other hidden areas where they may be (then tenting would be required.)  Here is how the “drill and treat” method is done:

1.  Drill very small holes into termite colonies (galleries) within infested wood.

2.  Inject chemical into these holes and flood termite galleries.

3.  Seal holes with appropriate material.


Method #2 – The Electro-Gun

The Electro-gun method may be used in areas where the termite colony infestation is visible, but where drilling holes would disfigure the surface of the wood.  Some examples would be in fine furniture or any other expensive wood finishes, such as open beam ceilings.