Fumigation by Tenting

Termite Fumigation Monitoring

Fumigation is done by tenting a building with gas to kill colonies of termites. The most important question to ask before signing any contract and paying your hard earned money to have your property fumigated is, “How do I know you killed all the termites?”

There is only one answer: The job must be monitored, or you may have “fumigation failure”.

HouseWithBugs If “fumigation failure” happens your job will have to be done over again! All that aggravation of taking the food out, preparing exterior plans and shrubs, and finding a place for you, your family and pets to stay will need to be done all over again!

There is Only “One Right Way” to do the Job.

The job must be monitored.

As experts, we know that no matter how much time and effort is put into “tenting a building”, the gas is going to leak since no tent is a perfect seal.  If the gas leaks too fast, you will have a “fumigation failure.”  The termites will NOT be killed.  If our monitoring equipment shows that gas is leaking too fast,  then we will add more gas to make up for the loss and thus prevent “fumigation failure.”

Termpest uses Specialized Instruments to figure out in advance

  • how much gas to put into the “tent” based on its size
  • the ground seal
  • the temperature
  • the wind
  • other important factors

Most Fumigation Companies DO NOT Monitor Their Jobs.

Most companies choose to Not monitor jobs with available specialized instruments because it costs them extra time they are not willing to spend.

They will admit that  fumigation failures sometimes occur and will offer to do your job over, but it is only free as long as you pay for a warranty. They will tell you that most jobs are done successfully without monitoring, but no one can know just which job will result in fumigation failure. What if it’s Your job?

All Termpest Jobs are Monitored and All Termites Will Be Killed.

We monitor our jobs! We assure that the right concentration of gas remains in the building for the proper amount of hours so that all termites Will be killed.