Frequently Asked Questions

Two Types of Termites:  Drywood and Subterranean

Drywood termites only colonize in wood structures.  Subterranean termites have colonies in the ground.


What are the treatment methods for DRYWOOD TERMITES?

If you can locate the infestation, you can do a “spot treatment“.  If you can’t locate all the infestation(s), then you need to “tent” the building.  Don’t be conned by the “No Tent Scam“.

—-What is a “Spot Treatment.

—-When should I “Tent” (Fumigate) my building?


What are the treatment methods for SUBTERRANEAN TERMITES?

Subterranean termites, unlike drywood termites are ground nesting termites. Treating termites in the ground is done by placing a chemical barrier between your home and the underground colony; or installing a baiting system around the home to attract and kill the termites.

A chemical barrier will keep termites away if the barrier is not disturbed and kept dry. This method can be used on most types of concrete slab construction, but Not on all types of slab construction. Most termite inspectors do not know which concrete slab construction can, and can not be treated with chemicals. Termpest Inspectors have this expertise!  Get a 2nd opinion when being sold a “chemical barrier”.

—-What is a “chemical barrier“?

—-What is a baiting system“?