Africanized Bees have Invaded South Florida


Excerpts of South Florida News Reports


“Prisoners and Guards AttackedĀ  Bees”

Miami, Florida – “A swarm of bees attacked at least six guards and inmates at a women’s correctional facility in Pembroke pines after an inmate stepped on a nest of bees.”


“Fort Myers Man Stung By Hundred of Bees”

Fort Myers, Florida – “A Fort Myers man was attacked and stung by hundreds of bees Saturday afternoon. He said if it wasn’t for a complete stranger, he’d probably be dead!”


“Firefighters Fend off Thousands of Killer Bees”

West Palm Beach, Florida – “Firefighters had an added challenge while battling a blaze at a vacant West Palm Beach home Wednesday – they ad to fend off thousands of Africanized killer bees.”


“Bees Attack Grass Mower at Island Park in Bonita Springs”

Bonita Springs, Florida – “Matthew Prueter didn’t hear the buzz, but he felt the strings. Prueter, a public works maintenance employee for the city of Bonita Springs, was cutting grass at the city’s Island Park on July 9th when heĀ  was attacked by what ware believed to be Africanized bees.”


“Pet Dog Dies from Bee Stings”

Miami Gardens, Florida – “A South Florida family was mourning the loss of their dog Friday, but experts say they could have died too if the bees would have attacked them.”

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